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Advanced Industrial Plasma Technologies

About us

Nano-Product Engineering, LLC is an R&D and transfer/commercialization company specializing in advanced surface engineering techniques to enhance material properties for a wide variety of applications. Founded in January, 2006, NPE is a small company in Lafayette, CO. NPE represents the culmination of work starting at Arcomac Plasma Processing Lab in Toronto, Canada and continuing at Arcomac Surface Engineering, LLC in Missoula, MT over a period of years from 1994 through 2010.

Our techniques include patented hybrid Physical Vapor Deposition and Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (PVD and PACVD) processes, which result in high density, low defect thin film coatings with uniform large-area coverage at industrial-scale production. Coatings are specifically developed for applications ranging from wear and corrosion resistance to optics, semiconductors and fuel cell systems.

Proven applications include: superhard and corrosion resistant coatings for medical instruments; low-friction, wear resistance coatings for gears and bearing races; erosion resistant coatings for compressor and rotor blades; high temperature oxidation resistant and conductive coatings for fuel cells and diamond and related materials superhard coatings for tools, machine parts and powder synthesis.

NPE is pursuing the commercialization of patented and proprietary technologies in:

  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) - Patents encompassing architecture, processes and apparatuses.
  • Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (PACVD) - Patents encompassing architecture, processes and apparatuses.
  • Electric propulsion – New generation of arcjet thrusters and combined engines.
  • Plasma actuators for high altitude planes and missiles
  • Plasma generators of energetic particles - Proprietary processes covering varied applications from neutron generators to ion lasers.

Our technology (flier)

Large-Area Filtered Arc Deposition (LAFAD™)

NPE's LAFAD™ sources enable deposition rates competitive with direct (non-filtered) sources, while filtering practically all macroparticles and neutral atoms.

Filtered Arc-Assisted Magnetron Sputtering (FAAMS™)

NPE's FAAMS™ systems combine LAFAD™ sources and magnetrons or electron beam sources in one universal vacuum chamber layout, providing a significant improvement in the performance of surface engineered components by addressing critical issues of coating microstructure and interface integrity.

Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition

NPE's PACVD reactors make possible diamond coatings with deposition areas up to several square meters across a wide range of operating pressures, with deposition rates up to 30 µm/hr, as well as ceramic powder reactors, capable of producing product powders with core-shell particles ranging from the nanometer to the millimeter scale.

Plasma Thrusters

NPE has developed a series of models of arcjet thrusters and hybrid multi-stage thrusters combing arcjet stage with Hall thruster and MPD thruster stages.

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Our services

In addition to technology transfer and manufacturing capabilities, NPE offers consulting and engineering support for the development, evaluation, and testing of

  • PVD and PACVD surface engineering equipment and processes
  • Coatings, surface treatments, and material syntheses
  • Novel surface engineering solutions for various applications